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Sell Flat Quickly London

Are difficult tenants making your life a misery? Maybe your property has been vacant for some time. Perhaps the mounting costs of the upkeep of the property are becoming a burden, or are you just fed up being a landlord. It’s time to evict all your worries. We will help sell your flat quickly in London.

The London Property Buying could take the property and the tenants off your hands quickly and with minimal inconvenience to you. We can provide you with a good alternative to your property problems, as we are happy to rent out your property long term with a guarantee rental payment to you every month regardless of whether your property is empty or not, so you don’t have to worry about tenants or void periods anymore as we take care of everything.

Because we are not a letting agent there is No commission to pay. The best way to describe what we do is that we have many staff working for us and that is why we are looking for properties every month to accommodate them, so think of us as a corporate tenant that employs professional people and that is why we can guarantee your rent for a long term rental, no arrears, no voids, no catches, great yields.

If you are a tired landlord and you just want a quick and simple answer to renting out your property privately hassle free, then call us today as our promise to you is that we pay up to 95% of the market rent guaranteed, which means that you will earn more money because there are no letting agent fees to pay.

Who knows this may be the perfect solution for those of you who just want to rent your property now for a long term rental and wait until the property market picks up so you can sell your property at the full market value at some point in the future. We could even rent your property now and agree to buy it in a few years time at a price that is good for you and good for us.

To find out more about our unique service, call The London Property Buying today: 0333 3359970

Last year I decided to take a different career path. As a landlord I was worried about tying up all the loose ends, however London Property Buying took all the stress away and provided me with a simple solution.

Clive, Mayfair